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Tracey Ullman Shorts Episode Guide

Our very first glimpse of The Simpsons, these are short clips which aired on the Tracey Ullman Show from 1987 to 1989, before and after ad breaks. Here you can read about them and download all 48 episodes!

Good Night (MG01)

Good Night

P-code MG01 • Aired Apr 19, 1987

Homer & Marge say goodnight to their kids, scaring them with philosophy and "bedbugs".

Watching Television (MG02)

Watching Television

P-code MG02 • Aired May 03, 1987

Bart & Lisa watch television and argue.

Bart Jumps (MG03)

Bart Jumps

P-code MG03 • Aired May 10, 1987

Homer tries to get Bart to jump into his arms.

Babysitting Maggie (MG04)

Babysitting Maggie

P-code MG04 • Aired May 31, 1987

Bart & Lisa are supposed to be babysitting Maggie, however, she sneaks off and gets into all sorts of trouble.

The Pacifier (MG05)

The Pacifier

P-code MG05 • Aired Jun 21, 1987

Bart & Lisa try to get Maggie to stop sucking on her pacifier, however, Maggie has quite a few spare.

Burp Contest (MG06)

Burp Contest

P-code MG06 • Aired Jun 28, 1987

Bart & Lisa hold a burping contest, much to Marge's disgust.

Eating Dinner (MG07)

Eating Dinner

P-code MG07 • Aired Jul 12, 1987

The Simpsons gather for dinner.

Making Faces (MG09)

Making Faces

P-code MG09 • Aired Sep 22, 1987

Bart, Lisa & Maggie make scary faces at each other, much to Marge's objections.

The Funeral (MG14)

The Funeral

P-code MG14 • Aired Oct 04, 1987

The family attend a funeral. Bart is looking forward to seeing a dead body, but faints when he does.

Maggie's Brain (MG10)

Maggie's Brain

P-code MG10 • Aired Oct 11, 1987

Bart & Lisa wonder what Maggie is thinking.

Football (MG08)


P-code MG08 • Aired Oct 18, 1987

Homer throws a football to Bart, but Bart has trouble catching it.

House of Cards (MG12)

House of Cards

P-code MG12 • Aired Oct 25, 1987

Bart tries to build a house of cards.

Bart and Dad Eat Dinner (MG15)

Bart and Dad Eat Dinner

P-code MG15 • Aired Nov 01, 1987

Since Marge is out, Homer must cook dinner.

Space Patrol (MG13)

Space Patrol

P-code MG13 • Aired Nov 08, 1987

Bart, Maggie and Lisa play "space patrol".

Bart's Haircut (MG18)

Bart's Haircut

P-code MG18 • Aired Nov 15, 1987

Bart goes to get a haircut, but ends up being shaved bald.

World War III (MG20)

World War III

P-code MG20 • Aired Nov 22, 1987

Homer practices the family's response time to emergencies.

The Perfect Crime (MG16)

The Perfect Crime

P-code MG16 • Aired Dec 13, 1987

Marge has baked some cookies and Bart tries to steal them.

Scary Stories (MG17)

Scary Stories

P-code MG17 • Aired Dec 20, 1987

Bart tells Lisa and Maggie scary stories, but get frightened by something else.

Grandpa and the Kids (MG19)

Grandpa and the Kids

P-code MG19 • Aired Jan 10, 1988

The kids spend time with their Grandpa, who tells them of the good old times.

Gone Fishin' (MG11)

Gone Fishin'

P-code MG11 • Aired Jan 24, 1988

Homer and Bart take a fishing trip.

Skateboarding (MG21)


P-code MG21 • Aired Feb 07, 1988

Bart goes skateboarding, but it turns out Lisa and even Maggie are better than him.

The Pagans (MG22)

The Pagans

P-code MG22 • Aired Feb 14, 1988

Bart and Lisa complain about going to church, saying that they're Pagans.

The Closet (MG23)

The Closet

P-code MG23 • Aired Feb 21, 1988

Bart hides in the closet to avoid chores.

The Aquarium (MG24)

The Aquarium

P-code MG24 • Aired Feb 28, 1988

Homer takes the kids to an aquarium, however Bart gets into the tank with the sharks!

Family Portrait (MG25)

Family Portrait

P-code MG25 • Aired Mar 06, 1988

Homer tries to take the family portrait.

Bart's Hiccups (MG26)

Bart's Hiccups

P-code MG26 • Aired Mar 13, 1988

Bart has hiccups, and Lisa & Maggie try to cure him.

The Money Jar (MG27)

The Money Jar

P-code MG27 • Aired Mar 20, 1988

The kids contemplate stealing from the money jar.

The Art Museum (MG29)

The Art Museum

P-code MG29 • Aired May 01, 1988

The family take a trip to the art museum, where Bart takes an interest in a certain painting...

Zoo Story (MG28)

Zoo Story

P-code MG28 • Aired May 08, 1988

The Simpsons go to the zoo, where they see a family of monkeys which look familiar...

Shut Up Simpsons (MG30)

Shut Up Simpsons

P-code MG30 • Aired Nov 06, 1988

Homer, Grandpa and the kids argue.

The Shell Game (MG35)

The Shell Game

P-code MG35 • Aired Nov 13, 1988

Bart tries to steal cookies again, but this time outwits his parents by hiding it under one of three bowls.

The Bart Simpson Show (MG38)

The Bart Simpson Show

P-code MG38 • Aired Nov 20, 1988

When Homer tells the kids they cannot watch Itchy & Scratchy, Bart rips out the insides of the television and creates his own show!

Punching Bag (MG33)

Punching Bag

P-code MG33 • Aired Nov 27, 1988

Lisa draws Homer's face on Bart's punching bag to "give him motivation".

Simpsons Christmas (MG40)

Simpsons Christmas

P-code MG40 • Aired Dec 18, 1988

Bart recites his own version of the poem, "The Night Before Christmas".

The Krusty the Clown Show (MG39)

The Krusty the Clown Show

P-code MG39 • Aired Jan 15, 1989

Bart, Lisa & Maggie go to see the Krusty The Clown Show filmed live, however Bart doesn't believe Krusty is a real clown.

Bart the Hero (MG34)

Bart the Hero

P-code MG34 • Aired Jan 29, 1989

Bart unwittingly stops a robber, but all he wanted was a candy bar...

Bart's Little Fantasy (MG41)

Bart's Little Fantasy

P-code MG41 • Aired Feb 05, 1989

Bart tells a story of a planet where the children are the parents and the parents are the children.

Scary Movie (MG37)

Scary Movie

P-code MG37 • Aired Feb 12, 1989

Bart takes Lisa & Maggie to a scary movie, but ends up being scared himself.

Home Hypnotism (MG32)

Home Hypnotism

P-code MG32 • Aired Feb 19, 1989

Homer tries to hypnotize the kids into being good.

Shoplifting (MG31)


P-code MG31 • Aired Feb 26, 1989

Bart gets caught shoplifting.

Echo Canyon (MG36)

Echo Canyon

P-code MG36 • Aired Mar 12, 1989

The family take a trip to Echo Canyon, where Bar causes yet more mischief.

Bathtime (MG44)


P-code MG44 • Aired Mar 19, 1989

Bart turns bath time into an adventure...and ends up flooding the bathroom.

Bart's Nightmare (MG45)

Bart's Nightmare

P-code MG45 • Aired Mar 26, 1989

Bart eats too many cookies and has nightmares that his family are after him.

Bart of the Jungle (MG46)

Bart of the Jungle

P-code MG46 • Aired Apr 16, 1989

Homer tells the kids to go play outside, so they dress up in their parents' clothes and play 'Jungle'.

Family Therapy (MG47)

Family Therapy

P-code MG47 • Aired Apr 23, 1989

Dad takes the family to a psychiatrist to determine why they don't laugh any more.

Maggie in Peril: Chapter One (MG42)

Maggie in Peril: Chapter One

P-code MG42 • Aired Apr 30, 1989

Maggie loses her ball and goes chasing after it, but falls over a waterfall.

Maggie in Peril: The Thrilling Conclusion (MG43)

Maggie in Peril: The Thrilling Conclusion

P-code MG43 • Aired May 07, 1989

Maggie manages to survives the fall and arrives home with the help of some helium balloons, without being noticed.

T.V. Simpsons (MG48)

T.V. Simpsons

P-code MG48 • Aired May 14, 1989

Homer takes the TV over from the kids. They go outside and fly a kite...and it gets stuck in the antennae, destroying the TV picture.