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UK censorship guide: Season 17

The Girl Who Slept Too Little (GABF16)

Willy & Billy are touring the graveyard

(Gravedigger Billy tricks Willy into looking into the open grave for some gold.)
Willy: All I see is an empty grave. Why don't you fill it, ya lazy bastard!
(Gravedigger Billy takes a swing for Willy with a baseball bat, the camera cuts away just before impact.)

Sky One


Girls Just Want to Have Sums (HABF12)

In the Simpsons kitchen.

Homer: They're gonna divide the school in two?
Lisa: Yeah, one for boys and one for girls.
Bart: It is gonna be awesome! Finally I can walk down the hall with Bart Junior hanging out! Isn't that right, Bart Junior? (Bart holds up a frog. The frog croaks, and subtitles translate it as I thought he meant his penis.)

Sky One