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Episode reviews: Pranksta Rap

All the submitted reviews for Pranksta Rap (GABF03). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.82.

I thought this episode was pretty bad, but there were some good bits. Actually the first act was passable - not hugely funny, but not terrible. The middle act was the usual "get on with the plot" thing with no laughs. Third act was pretty much the same as the second, it just seemed to keep dragging on and on doing the same thing.

One thing I liked about this episode (though most people will probably disagree) is the ending. All the way through the episode I knew Lisa was going to step in and put a stop to the charade, but they kept it "covered up", which was almost refreshing. If they'd gone back to the norm, I would have probably rated the episode lower.

Other stuff:
- The Milhouse-frisbee thing reminded me of the scene in Homer Defined (when Bart and Milhouse can't be friends anymore) where he's playing on the seesaw by himself. And it went on for way too long - yet another South Park/Family Guy style joke they keep trying to incorporate into the show. Just like that stupid Ralph scene from earlier this Season. (NB Yes I know they did it with Sideshow Bob in Cape Feare - it was funny then because it was actually original.)
- 50 Cent's cameo was crap, he only said a couple of lines. It brought to mind Blink 182 from Barting Over, which is inevitably bad. Having said that though, it was probably better than him being the forefront of the episode, as was hyped by the press.
- The song wasn't too bad because Bart was rapping. It reminded me of Do The Bartman etc.
- Chief Wiggum was mostly funny, although his scenes seemed a little surreal.

gr8 episode