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Episode reviews: Treehouse of Horror XV

All the submitted reviews for Treehouse of Horror XV (FABF23). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.77.

I have been looking forward to the Season for a few months now. Many of last Season's episodes were great and a refreshing chenge from the crazy and/or stupid events of previous Seasons. However, I must say I was disappointed by this year's effort for a Halloween special. The opening sequence was another bad attempt at satire, and basically just a reason to include Kang and Kodos.

The Ned Zone: Definitely the best one of the three. I loved how the story panned out and the characterizations. The heaven scene seemed a little tacked-on, but I think it just about worked okay. And it's always nice to see an appearance of God.

Four Beheadings and a Funeral: This segment starts out pretty well, but takes a bit of a dive at the end. In a way it was pretty similar to The Ned Zone, in that it was a "murder mystery" story. One of the weirdest things in the segment was the British accents - only half the characters actually had them. The ending wasn't great, but there were some good homages showcased.

In the Belly of the Boss: Hmm...I liked the idea of this one, but it just didn't work for me. There were a few funny moments (such as Frink: "Let the commencement beginulate!") but the writers could have explored much much more. The singing ending was pretty much just copied from Treehouse of Horror V's ending.

In a way it was nice to see all three segements having at least some charm and magic, unlike recent THOH's. However, they seem to have forgotten that it's supposed to be about Halloween (even though it aired a week after it) - they didn't even use the Halloween theme...

This was a pretty good THH but i felt as through the episodes were a bit rushed. the episode barely explained why wiggum was the "mutton chop murder". although the "bloated"selma and sign that read "dont throw the addicts" was good

This Is The Funniest Episode ever made!!!!!
Ned Gets hit in the head and sees how he kills homer! You Can Wtch it tommorow on FOX! please watch it. it is worth your time!

Calabunga Dude
By Cam Appleton

I gave this episode a "3" because it was really disappointing. It was by far one of the worst Treehouse Of Horrors. It wasn't really all that funny and really it was rather pointless (I mean, more pointless than the rest)

man Some of those episodes with homer and Ned are just to funny... This one was hilarous ... but the Osiris... with Dr. Bartley come on that wasn't great ... but the end was awsome

exellent and maggie spoke she said mama in the belly of the boss
in the ned zone 5/5
4 beheadings and a funeral 4/5 q good
in the belly of the boss 5/5

Best halloween cartoon show ever!
even better than King of the Hill

Best halloween cartoon show ever!
even better than King of the Hill

This is a good episode to kick off the beginning of the 16th season. It is losing the taste of Treehouse of horror, but it has it's laughs with it's spoofs on other what seems to be ancient Horror films and novels. Two thumbs up again, Groening.

i liked this one because i liked when they got trapped in mr. Burns body