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Episode reviews: She Used to Be My Girl

All the submitted reviews for She Used to Be My Girl (FABF22). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.58.

I didn't really like the episode. The plot was really thin and the volcano thing at the end was too crazy for my liking, it was like it was straight out of South Park. Also the Bob Dylan part was another SP joke: making celebrities incoherent idiots. Barney appearing out of nowhere at the end was a little annoying too.

Homer's parts in the episode weren't funny at all for me, which meant the episode had practically no humour. I liked the Chloe character mostly, but her fighting Marge seemed really really stupid, and out of character for both of them.

Blackboard and couch gags were both great imo.
Spongebob bit was okay but not hilarious.
Fox News truck was great.

Can't think of anything else good or bad.

A decent episode i love how they explained why barney became an alcholic and the moe spitting was really funny two. The chicken bone gag was funny.


Everything was annoying in this episode beside the FOX truck. Kent Brockman was also funny most of the time.

this episode had it's ups and down's but the end was un-realistic... i dont have much more to say