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Episode reviews: All's Fair in Oven War

All the submitted reviews for All's Fair in Oven War (FABF20). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.73.

This episode was really, really predictable. In fact at the end, I thought "It sounds like Cletus is going to kill James Caan...but that's so ridiculously stupid, they wouldn't do that" - and then they did it. Ugh.

The episode definitely had more funny moments than other recent episodes, but for me it didn't really go anywhere. The start was pretty lame: Homer was acting way too stupid. I did like the "Two Years Later" thing though. The Apu joke, while quite funny, didn't have closure, and neither did Bart's subplot, really.

The bake-off story was pretty much a rehashing of the "Homer or Marge does something wrong/immoral, Lisa complains, then they do the right thing in the end". To me it's got pretty tired, and as I said, predictable.

This was a good episode but the cletus`s family killing the guest star was a bit unnecessay.

exellent one to start off with on sky one becase we havent seen any over in england so i wonder what thoh will be like

well it was good... but i could see better

Some funny jokes, but still a very lame episode. THOH XV was way better than this one. I'm really disappointed and I hope every Simpsons fan feels the same way. But the killing of James Caan was very funny though.

Okay but it would have been bad without Bart's subplot.