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Episode reviews: Sleeping With the Enemy

All the submitted reviews for Sleeping With the Enemy (FABF19). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.84.

Season 12 was the Season known for, among other things, bad endings. It seems to me that Season 16 is starting to go that way - the pacing in both the Season premiere last week and 'Sleeping With The Enemy' this week has been weak. Long opening sequences leave less time for the main plot to develop - and conclude - and this episode demonstrated this perfectly.

The plot was solid, as were the characterizations of everyone. Add to that the high standard of animation and awesome direction from Lauren MacMullen, and you almost have a winner. The episode even went some way to restoring the lack of (good) humour we'd had in several Season 14 and 15 episodes.

However, the focus of the episode did not arise until partway through the second act. This is not usually too much of an issue, but there is so much more they could have done with Nelson - and especially the Bart vs. Nelson thing. The explaination of Nelson's father's disappearance was too wacky and off-the-wall for my liking and the family reunion was far too rushed. Overall a good episode, but it had the potential to be so much more!

A decent episode but wat got me was the ending the ending was fantasic/meaningfull except for the homer imatating lisa's voice ting...

wat can i say about this epiosode... it was fantastic... a Great Aperance by ralph very funny Well done matt your DOING BETTER AND BETTER! DUCK DUCK DUCK DUCK

exellent the best out of the series so far. the 2nd best is thoh then alls fare in ovens war

Wow. Great episode! The humor was OK, the animation was good, the emotion at the end almost made me cry (embarrased)!
But there are always bad bits:
Homer's butt with a sweater on it.
Fat Lisa.

But I could overlook those minor bad bits.

Best Marge epiosde since 'The Springfield Connection'.