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Episode reviews: Fraudcast News

All the submitted reviews for Fraudcast News (FABF18). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.79.

This episode started out pretty average, but got a lot better towards the end. Actually the first act was very reminiscent of Monty Can't Buy Me Love, but with a different outcome. There were several funny moments here though - most notably, the suicidal teenager saying "Why did they cancel Futurama?"

The rest of the episode was very good - the plot was solid, as was the characterization - especially Burns being back to his old evil self. Some good media and political satire this week (not like last week's pile of puke), and the episode was damn funny. Though there was some weird animation/drawing - Ralph looked overly fat to me, and Smithers both looked and sounded slightly different.

Talking about Smithers, his gay references in this episode were also weak, they were just the same things as before. They could find some new jokes for him. Also Burns and the mother mole was pretty gross... I thought that kind of humour was left behind in Seasons 11-13. The ending of the episode was excellent - it's a shame the episode was let down by a few niggling flaws which could have easily been avoided.

This was probably the worst episode ever. The story line was pretty good, but the writers just couldn't follow through on this one.

This is the kind of episode that you hate or love

I really enjoyed this episode. Many funny moments and at last a new great Mr. Burns appearence. And I thought the ending was strange but funny. It was a Kamp Krusty kind of ending.

It was realy good

good episode

Very good episode was very pleased with homers work on his paper ... by all means i cant wait for S.16 to premier November 7th to see some more awesome Epiosdes .. Well done matt


1 word exellent