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Episode reviews: Bart-Mangled Banner

All the submitted reviews for Bart-Mangled Banner (FABF17). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.49.

Unbelievable... this Season was going so well, then this episode just reminded us what was so awful about Seasons 11-13. The satire was terrible - it was not the intelligent, subtle humour that made the early episodes classics. It was obvious, tired jokes that just fell flat.

The first act, while the standard "nothing to do with the rest of the episode" opening, was quite funny. Bart going deaf was a bit odd, but it ended up okay just like the bubble thing did in "Little Girl in the Big Ten".

Most of the second act worked quite well, too, up until the church scene. After that it descended into total "Kill the Alligator and Run"-style chaos. I'm not even gonna review the last act, there was not one funny moment. The episode was totally disjointed overall, and lacked a lot of humour. Worst of the Season, maybe second or third worst ever.

This episode isn't too bad desprite it has a bad 3rd act.

This episode was one of my all time leat favorites. I had little to no good plotline and its jokes were not very funny I hope they all do not start turnig out like this. 1/5

B-e-a-utiful... wat a episode ... Bart you are to funny

exellent exept th end was a bit rushed

This was one of the absoulte best episodes ever! i think the plot was fresh but spectacular.