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Episode reviews: Simple Simpson

All the submitted reviews for Simple Simpson (FABF15). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.08.

I love episodes where character and plot development are almost thrown out the window to make way for humour. That's not to say that there isn't a plot or it wasn't very good. It was a little thin and underdeveloped, but Simple Simpson is an episode in which it doesn't matter. Just the premise of the episode makes me chuckle.

Again, the general idea of Homer "turning over a new leaf" and helping people was recycled from a dozen other episodes (most of which are from later Seasons) but for me the twist was different enough to avoid being repetitive. I could write more about what made this episode good (and in fact I've written too much already) but it would just detract from the purpose of it - which was to provide a solid 22 minutes of laughter. This episode achieved - and maybe surpassed - that purpose.

I'll finish my review of one of the most memorable episodes from this Season by highlighting my favourite gags and lines:
- Promiscuous Idiots Island... on FOX.
- Bart: What do you expect? When you sign a contract with FOX, you know you're gonna be betrayed and humiliated.
- Ralph Wiggum on the conveyor belt.
- Homer: I'm no genius... or are I?
- Wiggum: I didn't know I could fit in a bubble. I must be losing weight!
- Milhouse: I demand to know the identity of fist-face!
- All the superhero parodies.
- Homer: I've run out of pie-related puns!

This episode was horrible behind repair.

Here is my breakdown:

Plot (_/4)- 1 (It has a plot, but it sucks.)

Humor (_/3)- 1 (Not at all funny, I'm just being generous. One time did I even think about laughing, but didn't.)

Characterization (_/1)- 0.5 (Homer as Pie Man? If anything, he's a beer-man or a donut-man, but not a Pie Man. Mr. Burns, though, good choice for a vilian.)

Miscellaneous (_/2)- 1.5 ("Fist Face" joke went on way too long, and the drawings of Eddie and Lou were just horrible.)

4/10, but this system is different.

This has to be one of the best Simpsons episodes ever!
It was so funny and it's one of those ones that you can watch over and over again!

Plot: 3/5- It was good to see Homer doing something nice.
Humour: 4/5- The hero parodies were good and some jokes I laughed at.
Good episode.

I'd rate 4.5, but it doesn't let me rate in .5's.

This Episode is one of my all time favorites. I love the line: "Homer uhh I mean Pieman away". 5/5

This Episode is one of my all time favorites. I love the line: "Homer uhh I mean Pieman away". 5/5

well it was good coulda done better with the jokes


Not the episodes with the best jokes,but a great storyline.The best part where when Homer (pieman)just pied Mr.Burns and tried to escape and ended up sleeping on the sofa behind Mr.Burns:D
Typical Homer....