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Episode reviews: My Big Fat Geek Wedding

All the submitted reviews for My Big Fat Geek Wedding (FABF12). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.91.

I really wasn't looking forward to this episode - just another continuation in the Skinner-Krabappel soap opera storyline. However, it turned out to be quite funny. Not a great episode, but decent nonetheless. The opening was pretty good and the episode progressed well.

I thought Edna falling for Comic Book Guy was a little out of place. Although the reasons were obvious, I just think it should have been a different character because CBG has been used too much recently, and also once with a love interest (Worst Episode Ever).

Another thing which I disliked is the rushing of the Homer-Marge subplot. Little hints were given throughout the episode, and it would have been nicer to have a proper conclusion to this. I did like how Marge brought the subject of whittling batteries back up, though. Homer's "second" marriage to Marge (which is actually the third, cf. A Milhouse Divided) was way too rushed and pointless.

Oh and finally, Matt Groening's appearance as the creator of Futurama was great. It was quite short, but they managed to fit in some great jokes about him, such as Milhouse mispronouncing his name.

Al Jean has delivered his best episode yet.

Best Episode Ever, : Edna: I love your tinted windows. CBG: Actually, those are garbage bags.

skinner and edna are about to be wed, but skinner has got the cold feet. He spent $15 on his dance lessons but edna has ran out, so he uses the lessons anyway. Later comic book guy is in love with her and skinner wants her back. Matt Groening makes an appearance on the episode and takes the mickey of people who ask him for autographs! ("sure, but why be happy with just an autograph, how about an original drawing or snippet of my hair!Don't forget to pull my beard, they say it's good luck"!) Edna doesn't want to marry skinner or C.B.GUY so she walks off.Homer gets a band in his closet and vicar-kind of-guy to re marry him and marge again, but she say's "I do" not knowing she's agreed the cleaning of her children and upbringing!

Bonus extra!:edna:oh i love your tinted windows!
CBG:Actually they are plasic bin liners now if you would care to give me a pushing start!(classic)


... some very good parts .. but yet some bad parts ... i rate it average