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Episode reviews: Co-Dependent's Day

All the submitted reviews for Co-Dependent's Day (FABF10). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.51.

Do you ever find yourself in two minds about an episode? Sometimes a Simpsons episode can be pretty funny, but still boring, repetitive and strung out. Co-Dependence Day was ALL of these. The opening parody was at first very funny, but as Homer, Bart & Lisa got really bored in the cinema, so did I watching it. Boredom can be funny (two examples which springs to mind is the police interview with Skinner in Who Shot Mr. Burns? and many of Grampa's rambling stories) but in this case, it was boring.

I expected the initial storyline with Bart & Lisa to continue as a subplot behind the Homer/Marge storyline, but it ended pretty quickly (and without humour). The main plot was pretty was dragged out and disjointed. And it also seemed like a rehashing of previous plot lines: the most obvious is Duffless and other alcohol-related episodes, but also any episode with a Homer-Marge conflict (such as Brake My Wife, Please).

What saved this episode from complete disgrace was the humour. Great lines and other gags sprinkled around here and there kept me interested in the episode. Overall, another average episode.

decent episode.

not the best it was quite good i suppose