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Episode reviews: Smart and Smarter

All the submitted reviews for Smart and Smarter (FABF09). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.00.

Two good episodes in a row? Wow! I thought the appearance of Simon Cowell would be pretty awful and leave me really annoyed, but he suited the character perfectly and he was made fun of a fair bit.

The opening was very good and quickly led into the main storyline... no waiting around for five minutes until some silly antics had finished (there were silly antics in the opening, but they didn't last long). There were a lot of great moments in the episode, such as Homer and the spelling machine (Hu-O-Meh-Eh-Err and later, Z-Z-Z-Z-Z...) and Bart's line: "Welcome to... the others!".

I actually can't think of anything bad at all in the episode, apart from we saw too much of Wiggum, Lou and Eddie in the museum, it got a little tiresome. And Maggie playing the saxophone at the end was pretty strange, even if she is really smart.

This episode was pretty good. Although the Lisa signaling Maggie thing did not make sense at all. I liked that Simon was in it and Barts line "Welcome to the others".

Me and my friend loved this episode, espiacally Simon Cowells voiceover on the credits. The PhonicFrog was hilarious( H-O-M-E-R,Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-ZZ-Z-)and Homer using it was great. A brilliant line was Bart: welcome to the others. The bad bits was there was not enough bart and Nelson suddenly becoming gay

1 of th best i hav evr saw

This episode was good, but also bad at the same time!!! When i heard that it was the 'simon cowell episode' i thought i would see a little more of him in it. But the Gap will always need sweater folders!
I also found the voice-over of the credits hilarious!

This is a funny episode that gave me a few laughs, but there wasn't much simon coweel, if you understand. I am hoping to get the simpsons christmas 2 for christmas,so after the 1st few weeks of january, read the review for tis the 15th season.