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Episode reviews: The Fat and the Furriest

All the submitted reviews for The Fat and the Furriest (EABF19). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.71.

Animals on The Simpsons always provide a lot of good humour, and this episode was no exception. While the first act was typically disjointed, and had no real relevance to the rest of the episode, it was good enough to keep me entertained. However, I disliked the scene at the dump and the link into the main storyline. I can't say why exactly, it just didn't seem... right.

But once Homer's bear paranoia sets in, the episode picks up again. The hunter character was good and seemed well thought out. I loved some of the subtle humour they added in his scenes. The only thing I didn't like is when he actually ate the bird sandwich, it ruined the joke. Also the appearance of Lenny and Carl seemed unnecessary - they are probably the most over-used characters in recent Seasons.

The final act was pretty funny, though the ending seemed too rushed. I would have preferred the opening to be shorter and the last act to have been more carefully thought out. But overall, a decent episode, I guess.

This episode was good but the jokes were kinda of stale.I was laughing my ass of when marge told homer he couldnt fight the bear and he said "do u have any idea how ridiculous u look right now" (then he turns around and his ass is hangin out).


Homer gets attacked by a bear... wow lol pretty good... plot but again... i'd like to see more of the real stuff