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Episode reviews: My Mother the Carjacker

All the submitted reviews for My Mother the Carjacker (EABF18). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.85.

When I first heard about this episode, I was unsure if it would be good. The show has had trouble in the past with reintroducing one-time characters - for example, Cookie Kwan (the real estate agent) and Lindsey Neagle (business woman, sexual predator). But this time it worked very well. Homer's mother was great as always and the episode progressed perfectly.

I liked the opening, and Homer's subsequent need to outdo Marge. Then he meets his mother again. One thing I noticed is that the emotion in this episode was extremely well placed, I don't remember Homer doing his usual "crying for no reason" thing, this time he had a reason to be sad. I also liked the ending, it was good that they went for a 'nice' ending to reference "Mother Simpson".

Although this episode was not, and never could have been, as good as "Mother Simpson", it was still a nice episode, one I would readily watch again soon.

I really liked this episode, cause i like (Mother) Simpson.

There were a mix of emotions, first suprise, then happy, then sad then happy again.

I think this episode was pretty good how Homer's mum put those special messages in the newspaper and Homer noticed them.

I think the ending was very good and sad how Homer's mum died and Homer was left without his mum again. Then we found out that Homer's mum wasn't dead and put another message in the newspaper, but will Homer find it.

Good episode. Many funny parts.

good 4 a 1 wit homers mother

I have not yet seen this episode but i really want to see it. It sounds great, but then again, so do some of the boring episodes!
Oh well, i'm now going to read the other guys' reviews to see what they think about the episode.


I really really enjoyed this one but the last end where homer's mother escapes out of the van... come on people that couldn't happen

This was an amazing episode.
It featured three important Simpons factors.
1) Homer's grief over his mother.
2) that sense of excitement you get when you don't know if someone will live or die.
3) classic crack ups.
Not to mention the end of the episode left the door wide open for another ep about Mother Simpson.