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Episode reviews: Dude, Where's My Ranch?

All the submitted reviews for Dude, Where's My Ranch? (EABF13). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.10.

Heh heh, what a great episode! I was laughing all the way through this one, quite a rarity for newer episodes. In fact, it's quite rare for some older episodes to laugh as much as I did for this one!

First we start with a good opener - the Simpsons singing Christmas carols; plenty of funny moments here, especially the lawyer with his "Cease & Desist" thing. Then we move onto the most hilarious part of the episode - Homer singing about how much he hates Flanders. I was laughing out loud for at least five minutes here! The guest star wasn't a bad one in this part as well.

Then a quick plot change - I'm not to fond of these usually, but the way it was introduced (the family all pitching in to do the washing up) was great. Homer's "take one" line was good, as was Maggie in the cupboard - in fact Maggie had some great bits throughout the entire episode.

We have two storylines which intertwined beautifully and were both funny, the way it should be, and a mark of classic Simpsons writing. The last minute or so was not as funny as it could have been, but that didn't matter - the episode had been so amazing, any ending would have been good. I really can't get over how excellent this episode was, truly a classic!

Great Episode!

exellent especially th bit at the end when they went moe moe moe how do you like me nobody likes me

Great episode the Anti flanders ballad was hilairious especially when Ned's singing to it as well and Homers planning against the beavers was also very funny

this episode was great,particularly the songs,the moe szyslak connection,everybody hates ned flanders.great episode,very musical