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Episode reviews: C. E. D'oh!

All the submitted reviews for C. E. D'oh! (EABF10). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.56.

Another great episode! Season 14 has been of a much better standard than previous Seasons, we've had more better quality episodes, and fewer poor ones. The storyline to C. E. D'oh was partially reused - Mr. Burns has lost the power plant more than once before, but this time Homer takes over. This obviously leads to some very funny moments.

I loved the "chain of command" poster - Homer was below the inanimate carbon rod. It's good to see more sight gags in newer episodes, they have been sparse lately. I also liked Burns trying to brick up his monument, and the opening few scenes were funny too.

Then to finish, every goes back to normal - for the 305th time, apparently. It's funny because in the UK, this episode was the second one broadcast after Barting Over, so it should have been 302nd (but actually 304th). This episode is definitely one of the best of the Season so far.

This was a very funny episode in fact im still laughing from it.