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Episode reviews: I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can

All the submitted reviews for I'm Spelling As Fast As I Can (EABF07). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.69.

A well-thought-out and well-executed episode. The two plots worked well together and kept the momentum going well.

In fact, the sub plot was probably funnier than the main plot, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I loved the "Requiem For A Dream" parody!

The only thing I'd say about this episode is that in hindsight, the Simpsons staff perhaps came up with this one a year too early - a funny docu-movie called Spellbound came out shortly after the episode which they could have parodied well. Never mind though, this episode was good anyways.

This episode was the best of season 14. It was sogood i think i should give a quote "...and a Hot Plate it's great for soup!"


It was great. Though lisa lost, I still thought it was pretty good.