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Episode reviews: Pray Anything

All the submitted reviews for Pray Anything (EABF06). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.67.

I'd have to say this is good for a new episode. Not great, but there was nothing wrong with it, so it gets a good review. I liked the storyline, it seemed quite fresh and original.

It started well, and in fact got better as the episode progressed. I can't remember any "laugh out loud" moments, but there were many good jokes such as when we heard Homer screaming for ages as he was falling - then we see that he has only fallen a few feet. Also the scene at Barney's Bowlarama was good.

Flanders was pretty good in this episode. In fact, Homer was funny too, which is rare these days for an episode revolving around him.

Something I didn't like was the way some things were not explained or turns in the story did not come to anything. For example, when the flood started, Ned took the "Noah's arc" thing with the animals, but then we did not hear of it again. And Reverend Lovejoy seemed to appear out of nowhere, in a helicopter, without any explanation.

But, overall this episode was good, one I'd readily watch again.

Good Episode lots of jokes/gags.

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