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Episode reviews: Barting Over

All the submitted reviews for Barting Over (EABF05). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.76.

Here we are: the 300th episode! This was a good solid episode, with many laughs, but personally, I don't think it had that 'spark' that it should have.

There were a few things in the episodes I didn't like. One was the genie/monster thing that rose up behind Lisa when she read some words from a book. That's a Treehouse of Horror joke, not a regular Simpsons joke. Another was more swearing, but I guess it's normal of The Simpsons now.

The third, and this really bugs me, is the worthless appearance of guest stars. Tony Hawk was an okay guest star, as he actually had a part to play in the episode. But having Blink 182 appear and say one line each was utterly pointless - they added nothing to the episode. In fact, it probably would have been funnier if it had been just a general rock band, because the lines would have made fun of all rock stars, rather than just Blink 182.

And fourth, Homer and Tony Hawk freezing in mid-air and fighting with their skateboards was a breach of one of Matt Groening's core rules for The Simpsons - which is that characters do not walk on air, the show is supposed to follow real life as closely as possible.

Apart from these, the episode was good. It was hardly a classic, but it's good to see that the show can be funny after 14 years - it's still the best television show in the world!

great episode! #300 w00t!