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Episode reviews: Special Edna

All the submitted reviews for Special Edna (EABF02). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.56.

This episode was really good, it had a decent and well-though-out plot line, the episode progressed well, and there was some great character development.

Theoretically, this is an episode I should hate, because I'm really starting to get sick of the permanent continuity changes the writers seem to think are funny, like Barney giving up alcohol, and Lisa becoming a Buddha. But this worked. The Skinner-Krebappel thing has been going on for several Seasons now, and was started when the show was at its finest. This is probably part of the reason why I found this episode believable.

The main focus of the episode, of course, was Skinner and Krebappel's relationship, and Skinner's spinelessness with his mother. But the Simpsons family shined, too, even though only Bart had a major part in the episode. Homer was funny for once. The references to Disney World and the other parks in Orlando were really funny, such as the Efcot Center and the electric car scene. I was on holiday in Orlando recently which is why I found this so funny, I think.

I didn't get the scene over the credits, where Homer started singing about pie then walked out off halfway through, it just seemed strange to me. The episode had a good ending, there was no need to spoil it with this. Overall, though, this was a top class episode, although we always seem to get a few great episodes (that aren't holdovers) at the beginning of the Season, and it doesn't last long. I hope this time it does.

Great episode. Homer: "i know where were going... oooo its even boring flying over it.

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