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Episode reviews: The Great Louse Detective

All the submitted reviews for The Great Louse Detective (EABF01). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.97.

Finally, an episode worthy of a review! The Great Louse Detective starts off well, and just keeps getting better and better. What I found very surprising is that it was good despite being yet another Sideshow Bob episode (the eighth, in fact). A big pat on the back to the writers for this one.

Okay, to start: Marge vacuuming. Scenes with Marge in are never funny unless they refer to housework or her strange habits. Anyway, the Simpsons get invited to a spa weekend and after some funny scenes, such as the woman sinking into Homer's back, someone tries to murder Homer. After another funny scene with Wiggum, Sideshow Bob is released into the care of the Simpsons' home to help Homer find the killer. From here on the episode gets funnier and funnier.

The best bits included the dummy that everybody tried to kill, Moe and the pickle jar, and Sideshow Bob reminiscing with Apu. I thought ending and flashback bit was a great twist, and the ending of the episode with Bob singing was good. Definitely a great episode all round.

This episode was really funny.

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