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Episode reviews: Helter Shelter

All the submitted reviews for Helter Shelter (DABF21). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.52.

This is probably the worst Simpsons episode ever created. The first few seconds are about the only funny seconds from the whole episode.

The plot is very disjointed: We go from Homer getting injured at work a couple of seconds into the episode (loved the suddenness of it); to the family winning skybox tickets; to Lisa getting a hockey stick from a player; to termites invading the house; to the family being part of a reality TV show; and ending up with them getting revenge on the TV producers with a bunch of savages. In fact, the whole of the third act was uncomprehensible.

There were some funny moments, but most of these didn't come until the second act. Good bits included the auditions, the confession room, the bullies wishing they had Bart's outfit, and the television show the family watch at the very end.


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