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Episode reviews: Treehouse of Horror XIII

All the submitted reviews for Treehouse of Horror XIII (DABF19). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.06.

Send In The Clones
I loved this story, it was definitely the best THOH segment in recent years. The progression of the story was really good, as was the appearance of the early Homer and Peter from Family Guy. The simultaneous stranglings and d'ohs were probably my favorite part, just because it made me roar with laughter! 5/5

The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms
What a let down. After such a great segment comes this, partly recycled, disjointed, unfunny, nonsensical storyline. For me it was too similar to The Monkey's Paw story from THOH II. The story made no sense whatsoever, and had no funny moments. 1/5

The Island of Dr. Hibbert
This was weird, but a funny kind of weird. No particular jokes stand out in my mind, but I just remember laughing at all the different animals, like 'Disco Shrew'. 2/5

It's really difficult to judge this episode overall, because there was such a contrast between the stories. The first segment was by far the best, the last was okay, but the middle one was poor.

A decent THOH.

I love this episode, 'cause i like scary, freaky stuff! And i like the other episodes aswell.