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Episode reviews: Large Marge

All the submitted reviews for Large Marge (DABF18). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.70.

Hmm... I'm in two minds about this episode. In one sense, it was funny and the plot progressed well, even incorporating a sub-plot. But in another way, the episode was lame, smutty, and it had a feeble story line.

I guess I had better explain myself. The main storyline: Marge mistakenly gets breast implants. As soon as you hear this, you start to wonder if they are running out of (good) ideas. You think that the episode could be good if done properly. But there were some terrible jokes about breasts in this episode. Homer calling them "the twins," as if they were part of the family is one such example.

But then at the other end of the scales, we have some good jokes, and a decent sub-plot, which gets incorporated back into the main storyline at the end of the episode. It was also good to see the return of Stampy, Bart's elephant. And Krusty, of course, he's always good. I can't think of a bad Krusty episode ever.

Well, the episode gets a decent mark, but I still think the writers can do better.

This epidode was funny well.. as funny as a marge episode can get but this one was probally the best marge episode.

really good