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Episode reviews: The Frying Game

All the submitted reviews for The Frying Game (DABF16). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.38.

This episode was just lame. It starts with Homer buying Marge a nice anniversary present (a small water garden). Okay so far. But then they find out it is inhabitied by a 'screamapillar' - basically a caterpillar that constantly screams. And it's an endangered species.

Eventually, an annoyed Homer kills it, and is forced to do community service. He works for an old lady (soon Marge does as well), who is murdered, leaving Homer and Marge as the main suspects. Okay, so this story is plausible. Then, when they are both about to get the death penalty, it turns out it was all part of a game show. The end.

Yet another episode spoilt by a bizarre, off-the-wall ending - although, there wasn't much to spoil anyway as the episode was already bad. I don't really want to write any more about it, so I'll just give my rating and this advice: never watch this episode.

This episode was good but the ending SUCKED!

Oh,my good!This is not funy at all!!!There were no funy moments and ending is very stupid.

This is the worst episode ever made!