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Episode reviews: I Am Furious (Yellow)

All the submitted reviews for I Am Furious (Yellow) (DABF13). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.12.

Wow, I loved this episode! It was a good storyline, and had great jokes. I am also surprised it did not have more self-references, what with it being about cartooning, and the ones that were left in were at least subtle.

However, the opening wasn't as funny (it was still good). This could have done with being a bit shorter - I don't know why Lisa had to be included here, she appeared later as well. Also, the opening had a few non-cartoon self-references, such as Kirk being referred to as "Bart's friend's father," which weren't really needed.

Anyway, we soon get into the main plot, and it is good. My favorite joke was when Homer said: "I hope no one's drawing this!" as Bart was drawing him. That was funny for two reasons - the second being much more subtle, which is how it should be.

Next, his cartoon is put onto the Internet. Everything from here to the end was hilarious. I did wonder about the lumps on Homer's neck first time I watched this (I thought it might be another one of those silly cartoony, non-Simpson-like moments). But that was explained.

I loved the animated Internet cartoon, and this episode kept me smiling!

This episode was great!

This episode was very good.I like "Angry dad" cartoon.The best moment in this episode is part when Homer becomes Hulk.

Nice episode,but it could be more funy!