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Episode reviews: Weekend at Burnsie's

All the submitted reviews for Weekend at Burnsie's (DABF11). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.04.

Surprisingly, a reasonable episode! Looking at the synopsis - Homer gets addicted to medical marijuana - really makes you feel that the writers are fast running out of ideas. However, I think this episode tackled an important current issue, and for such a controversial topic, they did well.

The opening scene went on for too long in my opinion - although it was a good lead into the main plot, nearly half the episode was over by the time the main storyline started. Homer is prescribed medical marijuana to control his pain. Homer high on pot was very funny, especially when Ned Flanders called round and read the bible to him.

Any episode with Mr. Burns can't be bad, and with Homer high, pure comedy takes over. There weren't too many Smithers' sexual innuendos in this section, which was good (when they do too many it gets boring). The ending was a bit strange, though, and a repeated joke from The Parent Rap.

This episode is one of my all time favorites.I love the warning label: "WARNING: Items can appear more edible then they actually are". Great episode. 5/5

Best episode of this season!