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Episode reviews: Blame It on Lisa

All the submitted reviews for Blame It on Lisa (DABF10). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.71.

Yet another "The Simpsons are going to..." episode. It wasn't bad, I just get the feeling it's been done too many times before, and when this very fact is pointed out by several characters, it really does start to get repetitive.

There were several good gags in the episode, though, such as the inevitable stereotypes which go with this type of episode: the conga line; the soccer scene; and the bit about their money being gay to name a few.

However, there were several of the annoying and unneccessary things which give new episodes such a bad name. Things such as the self-reference to which state Springfield is in, and the ending (with Bart dancing inside the snake) are silly and just degrade the show. The writers should just give up trying to add these silly self-references because they just get worse and worse. Other than this, it was a decent episode.

Good but homer being killed part has been really strung out