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Episode reviews: The Lastest Gun in the West

All the submitted reviews for The Lastest Gun in the West (DABF07). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.23.

Well, that run of great Simpsons episodes stopped short! This episode was awful, there were no good or funny jokes or gags in there at all!

We start with some completely random storyline about a dog who is after Bart for no reason. Okay, this is a little on the humourous side, but after seven minutes it stops dead and a different story sparks up. I don't mind normally, if there is a good link, but this was very weak.

So, Bart meets a cowboy and starts admiring him. Homer gets upset which is more like the 'old' Homer from earlier Seasons, but this gleam of hope is overshadowed by so many flat jokes.

Suddenly, the cowboy (I can't even remember his name!) reveals he is an alcoholic and so the family try to get him to quit. He does, just in time to save the day at an armed robbery.

But then, he goes off and we see him moving around in his house for the last minute of the episode, which was just a time-filler, really. Oh, and then the dog from the beginning makes another appearance in the last few seconds. Crap, or what?

It is a few days since I saw the episode last, and I can't remember any good jokes from the episode. I'm struggling to give it any marks at all, but I guess I'll have to.

This must be the worst episode ever. There's no humour what so ever in this ep.

OMG I hate this episode so much. I mean the first FIFTY times they played it was ok but now its so boring and stupid.

This is very good episode but the ending was realy bad.

Anyway,this was funy!