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Episode reviews: The Bart Wants What it Wants

All the submitted reviews for The Bart Wants What it Wants (DABF06). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.77.

Not a bad episode, but not a really funny episode either. Like most episodes nowadays, it starts off good, but drops off towards the end.

The first act was probably the best. Homer stealing the Olympic Torch was a great moment: "They've pre-empted my favorite shows for the last time!" Marge's moan: "Every four years..."

Next, Homer spots a fair. This may be self-reference to the increasing number of episodes which start or are based around a fair/special event in Springfield (first noted by yours truly). Anyway, this fair (a private school open day) was good. The monkeys point/monkeys cry line was good, as well as Lisa's efforts to stay at the school.

The next act is also good. Rainier Wolfcastle's truck and the thumb wars game were good moments. The best moment of this episode had to be the Itchy & Scratchy DVD - Itchy kills Scratchy on the audio commentary! Hilarious!

Pretty soon, Bart messes it up, and Greta starts dating Milhouse. Then she goes to Toronto, and so the Simpsons follow her there (yet another holiday). Anyway, after Bart & Milhouse fight, Greta decides to dump both of them and the story wraps up nicely, although a tad predictable.

This is a good episode.

This episode was funny

I have rated this episode 5/5 because i have not seen it yet. I am getting it on dvd in about2-3 weeks and i will review it then.