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Episode reviews: Jaws Wired Shut

All the submitted reviews for Jaws Wired Shut (DABF05). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.93.

Yet another excellent episode! Jaws Wired Shut gets more and more funnier as the episode progresses! It starts with the gay pride parade, which is the worst moment of the episode. The only funny moment was hearing Smithers' voice in the closet with either Patty or Selma. Of course, that doesn't mean it is him...

The episode picks up as the family go to the movies, but there are so many previews. I particularly liked Bart's comment: "(to Lisa) I prefer to egg him on. (to Homer) Hey Dad! Has the movie started yet?" The giant Kit-Kat was funny, too.

Then Homer runs outside and breaks his jaw. This was a bit weird as it was over so quickly. Nonetheless, we soon get into the funny stuff. Homer learns to listen. This is great for two reasons: firstly, it is funny; and secondly, it is nice to see Homer not being a jerk for once. Funny moments here included Homer writing "yes" on his chalkboard twice in a row when answering Lisa's questions; and saying "I'm horny" through his jaw wires at the dance.

After the jaws come off is when this episode really shines. Homer and his glass of milk has to be the funniest moment here: "I'd love to stay and argue with you, Marge, but then I'd have to get a new glass of milk." The Popeye parody was good as well, but in my opinion it went on for too long.

At the end, Homer goes back to his loud, crazy self. Hopefully, he won't be too much of a jerk in future episodes!

I LOVE THIS EPISODE! its my third favorite.