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Episode reviews: Half Decent Proposal

All the submitted reviews for Half Decent Proposal (DABF04). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.79.

Man, this episode was great! I thoroughly enjoyed watching it, there was so much that was funny.

To start, we have Homer's snoring problem (oh, and the opening scene with Comic Book Guy - that was great), and Marge can't get any sleep. Homer's different snores made me laugh as well, such as the high pitched "memememe!" and when he snored while awake. Also funny in this bit was when Marge fell asleep on the wheel, sounded the horn, then "got the door" and dived out the car.

Next, we have a scene with Patty & Selma, their longest appearance in years, and Artie Ziff makes a return appearance. Now we get into the full story: Artie offers Homer $1 million for a weekend alone with Marge (hmm... have I seen that storyline somewhere before?).

After Homer goes to the prom night that Artie has set up, he sees Marge kissing Artie and runs off into West Springfield with Lenny. From here the episode gets even funnier. The best moment of the episode for me was when Homer ran into the camera trying to strangle Bart - another comedy classic!

And to finish the episode, Artie gives Homer his latest invention, the Snore Converter, and Artie watches Marge through a camera. Well, at least it's a sane ending.

This episode is definitely my favorite of the Season so far.

Good Solid episode. Good jokes/gags