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Episode reviews: She of Little Faith

All the submitted reviews for She of Little Faith (DABF02). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.88.

Okay, this is the first episode without Mike Scully (exec. producer for Seasons 9-12), and it wasn't half bad!

The opening act was great, with some funny lines spouted from Homer, such as: "Mmm... pie pants," and "All nerds clear the launch area!" The hamster walking up to the rocket has to be one of the funniest animal-related moments in Simpsons history.

Anyway, we soon get into the main story - the destruction of church and Lisa's abandoning of her faith. Everything in this part was good, even some of Lisa's lines (a rarity these days). The best Lisa line has to be: "No it's not, it's apt. APT!" The way she says it makes it funny.

As with most episodes recently, the last few minutes were not as funny as the rest of the episode. However, it did not matter this time because it was more of a "resolution" ending to the story, which is nice - Lisa learned that she can celebrate Christmas.

The only thing I worry about is whether Lisa is going to stay Buddhist, or if she will go back to being Christian. The writers nowadays seem to like this kind of permanent continuity changes, such as Barney now drinking coffee all the time. I hope this doesn't continue.

Desprite the humour was inconsitset it still didn't make it bad. It was a bit sluggish going into the 3rd act but this time the ending was more nice as it was resovled (unlike some episodes).

Good eoisode!