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Episode reviews: Homer the Moe

All the submitted reviews for Homer the Moe (CABF20). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.70.

How lame was this episode? There was so much which could have easily been improved. This time I'll start with the bad stuff.

First of all, we get a weird story about Bart digging, which was way too long in my opinion. It would have been at least a decent opening if it was only, say, a minute long rather than about five. Also, Barney is still drinking coffee which is the most annoying continuity change in the history of the show. Barney is an alcoholic, period. Why does he have to stay sober?

Then there was that guy who walked into the lake, Homer cutting his hand and surely losing at least four pints of blood, Homer's robot, and to top it off, another shameless bunch of guest stars who had no real part in the episode (REM).

Now the funny moments... well, there weren't that many to be honest. The ending was nice, but it didn't make any difference after the set of stupid jokes. The only funny thing I can remember is when Homer shot Moe. That's it.

Good good episode

Good episode. But very grose when Homer bngs his hand on the juke box!!!!!!!