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Episode reviews: Simpsons Tall Tales

All the submitted reviews for Simpsons Tall Tales (CABF17). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.70.

This was a pretty poor Season Finale. This is the third "special" episode this Season (the other two being BABF21 and CABF14), and I personally thought it was too much.

The episode starts with a lame excuse for a holiday. In fact it's a repeated clip from Behind The Laughter. Even Homer said: "We'll make this the last Season" in that episode, implying that it is a bad episode. They can't get on the train, so they board one of the carriages, where they encounter a singing hobo.

We start with Paul Bunyan (Homer) and his giant Ox. There were a few good moments, but overall, this story was pretty poor. The same goes for the second story about Connie Appleseed (Lisa).

The third story was better, but still average. The gun fight in the pub was funny, as was Dr. Hibbert singing.

There were some funny moments, but overall I didn't like this episode because it just wasn't funny enough.

A good historical based episode. The sponge-bathing bits were gross but it didn't really ruin the episode.

I dont care what anyone says i love this episode it is SO funny "Im just Livin my HOBO life, Stabbin people with my HOBO KNIFE!