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Episode reviews: Trilogy of Error

All the submitted reviews for Trilogy of Error (CABF14). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.29.

An absolutely fantastic and original episode, for once involving the whole family. Well, I say 'original' - for me this was very similar to "22 Short Films About Springfield," in that it was a series of interlocking stories. I much prefer this episode though, because it keeps you guessing until the very end!

I'll start at the beginning (that seems most logical) with 'Homer's Day.' Most of this was pretty funny: Marge cutting Homer's thumb off, and Santa's Little Helper running away with it. Then Homer gets drunk at Moes, and has trouble hitch-hiking - with no thumb, how can he? Also, Dr Nick not realizing that inflammable meant flammable was another good moment.

Next up is 'Lisa's Day.' Lisa puts some last touches to her science fair project - Linguo, the grammar correction robot. It's pretty funny, too, especially when Lisa corrects the robot: "Must conserve battery power." After getting taken to the wrong school, Lisa ends up in Moes, where Chief Wiggum has just lost an undercover spy. Anyway, Marge is there, and gives her a lift. Suddenly Bart appears from a manhole cover in the road...

'Bart's Day' was probably the funniest: his Itchy & Scratchy clock hits him on the head, trying to get him up; we find out that 123 Fake Street is a real address; and Linguo corrects the mob, but suffers from bad grammar overload. And then the story is wrapped up nicely with Lisa stitching Homer's thumb back on for her Science project. Phew!

This episode has so many funny moments, especially the repeated bits (Ned Flanders' mailbox being destroyed three times for example).

This is the BEST Episode Ever.

This episode was 'Golden Era' style!

This is my favorite episode of all time. This episode is the best ever, yeah. "Mobster: They'se throwing robots" Linguo: "I like beer".