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Episode reviews: Simpson Safari

All the submitted reviews for Simpson Safari (CABF13). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.58.

This was a weird, but nonetheless funny, episode. Another funny opening to begin with - the bag boys. Lenny's 'casual' get-together (Carl, dressed up like a millionaire, remarks "Casual?!") and Lenny being scared of the bag boy knocking his hat off were great. So was the animal crackers scene, leading to the family getting the holiday in Africa after all.

Next comes the weird stuff: A spider spits on their suitcase and it shrinks ("bound to happen" - Homer); a rhino comes out of an egg; a giraffe emerges from a hole in the ground; a cheetah climbs a tree; a hippo is afraid of the water; and of course, the monkeys mining.

Still, this was all funny, and in the end, that's what counts. The warthog in the car was definitely the best moment for me ("Mom! Bart implied I was a warthog!" - Lisa).

The ending was again a bit strange, but overall, I think the episode was very funny if a little unrealistic.

This may be the worst of S12. It wasn't bad but it was a bit unrealistic. Also most of S12 were good.

Good Episode i love when homer is having trouble picking witch way..

This ep wasn't that funny and didn't make much sense and the simpsons have already been on holiday loads of times the good ones were was the Japan trip the summerhouse one and the England trip