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Episode reviews: Bye Bye Nerdie

All the submitted reviews for Bye Bye Nerdie (CABF11). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.57.

The subject of bullies has been covered before on The Simpsons, but it was not as funny as this. A great episode full of laughs, and with the funniest opening scene for years! Homer not going into work was funny ("If I come in late again, I'm fired - I can't take that chance."), as well as the whole 'Speed' parody. Milhouse's comment was the best line I've heard in ages: "It's like Speed 2, but with a bus instead of a boat!"

Then we meet the new girl, and find out she's a bully. The funniest bits of this story were Nelson talking to Lisa, the scene with Willy, and the sign on his door: 'KEEP OOT'. The 12th Annual Big Science Thing was funny too, with nerd remarks such as "chemicals are our friend," and the 'science pole'.

The sideline story in this episode - Homer helping to prevent baby accidents - was better in my opinion, and this should have been the focus of the episode. It didn't seem to end properly either.

There wasn't really anything in the episode that I didn't like - overall it was a good episode.

Francine is a great one-timer character.

Good Episode