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Episode reviews: Worst Episode Ever

All the submitted reviews for Worst Episode Ever (CABF08). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.08.

Every minute of this episode is hilarious! A great episode about one of the best characters in the show. We start with a classic kitchen scene, not matched since the "missing dinner plates" scene from The Cartridge Family (when they eat out of colanders and mugs, then Homer's gun accidentally shoot's Marge's picture). The baking soda that came with the house was good, as was Homer antacid trip. This, and Homer's recollection of his first public banning reminded me of the classic Season 4 or 5 style, which is always good.

Right after Comic Book Guy's heart attack, the episode gets funnier and funnier. There were so many great moments in this episode; I couldn't possibly list them all here. Great bits were: Comic Book Guy declaring his cardiac episode "Worst Episode Ever" (hence the episode title); the transformer toy that turns into a watering can; Bart in his coat and hat; Homer trying to help him make friends; the whole scene at Moe's; the kids tying to escape through the posters; Chief Wiggum and Lou; and the radioactive monkey.

This episode made a refreshing change to the normal activities of The Simpsons, as it was Bart & Milhouse involved in the zany scheme instead of Homer, and Homer was helping someone.

Another thing that kept me laughing was that Comic Book Guy, as he is known, was never referred to by his real name. Even Chief Wiggum said: "Comic Book Guy, you are under arrest!"

I was a bit disapointed when I heard this episode was going to be revoled around the Comic Book Guy but it still didn't spoil this episode.


Reasonably good but from some of the brilliant reviews I expected a bit better