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Episode reviews: Skinner's Sense of Snow

All the submitted reviews for Skinner's Sense of Snow (CABF06). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.96.

This episode starts quite badly, but does get better. The French circus was poor. The guy who disappeared was a bit too cartoonish and unrealistic, and the rainbow in the jar thing was stupid. However, Marge was good in this section, with some great lines: "They're only in town for eight months, then they're gone," and "they always pick the guy with the wires." Also, Marge imagining herself in exotic positions cleaning the sink was good.

Next, it's snow day. Homer's snow angel, which turns out to be a devil, was strange, but the rest of this scene was good. The movie, "The Christmas That Almost Wasn't But Then Was" was funny, especially when we learn it was a DVD.

It was also great to see some nostalgia on The Simpsons - Ned and Homer talking about Mr Plow was great: "I think I remember my own life," Homer said. Also, Uter's appearance surprised me because I thought he was dead (remember "The PTA Disbands," and his parents in "Guess Who's Coming To Criticize Dinner?")

There were more unrealistic things in this episode, for example, the self-repairing permanent record. How unrealistic can you get?
Overall, this was a good episode with plenty of laughs, but it was excessively unrealistic for my liking. I don't know, maybe a wizard did it.

It may have been unrealistic but it was still good.

This is my favourite episode. From the first time I saw it to the 100th-odd viewing,I've stuck with it by and by again against all the other episodes.
It has a good plot, fantastic jokes and best of all my favourite character is in it for most of the time. Yes, my favourite character is Seymour Skinner, and although it might seem a bit of a pathetic reason to have this episode as my favourite, I think I'll stick by with it for ages to come. A favourite scene was when Seymour asked Nibbles to chew through his ball sack. Hilarious!


started badly but got better I loved the part when the kids are worried about being snowed in and Skinner announces the DVD is fixed
B+ Mainly because of the crappy start