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Episode reviews: Homer vs. Dignity

All the submitted reviews for Homer vs. Dignity (CABF04). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.93.

Probably the best episode of the Season so far, I was laughing all the way through! The beginning was probably the strongest part of the episode, but the rest was still excellent.

The 'Happy First A' celebrations were especially great. The explanation was good as well as the family running out on the meal (Homer throwing his credit cards at the waiter), then having to repay their debt by singing, and selling the car chassis. Homer's 'financial panther' bit was good, as was Mr Burns' toy gun ("Curses, it's jammed!"). The best bit of the episode came next, in the cafeteria. Lenny's line was a classic: "My eye! I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!"

Then we get into the main story line, which was great. The only thing that I could say was bad about the episode (to be fair) would be the panda scene. Maybe it was a bit unrealistic for the male panda to drag Homer off to do whatever it did to him (I'd better not write it here!), but apart from this, the episode was fantastic!

This episode proved Homer to be greedy, but yet, caring for his family. He wanted the money so he could help his family, but would do anything for money...until the end.

Good Episode!

Of Course this one is good and pretty fuuny. There were some gross bits but it was funny up until the third act.......