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Episode reviews: The Great Money Caper

All the submitted reviews for The Great Money Caper (CABF03). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.62.

Oh my god! What is happening to The Simpsons? I thought the last episode was bad, but this was really terrible! If you've not seen it, I advise you not to watch it! The episode starts with a quite unfunny scene in a restaurant. I don't think I laughed once. Next, we have a fish falling from outer space somehow, and another recycled gag, from THOH XI - the "Russian profanities" in the subtitles.

The episode does get better, as the conning was good in places. But by the courtroom scene, the episode had lost any charm it had, and had returned to the unfunny state it was in at the beginning. The one thing that was funny (and quite funny it was) was the fact that Willy was not in on the set up.

And to end, we are presented with the now common stupid and unfunny scene. This one was surfing, and the idea that everything was going to be explained, but then everyone got distracted, was copied from "Brother's Little Helper." This is definitely the worst episode of the Season so far.

This was good apparently. I was like Eric Messenger who fairly liked it. Expect the ending was just lame not so lame.
P.S: I haven't really seen Homer v.s Dignity.

Good episode

From the ratings I expected worst but I didn't find it that bad the only things that did bug me was the town wouldn't answer why they tricked them and if willie wasn't in on it how could he shoot skinner just where the blood bag was AND get away with it

In the begining this episode was good!!! I especialy like droping the cake - two times.

But I don't like the ending they used. And Otto ran in and said "Surf's up" - CRAP!

The ending ruined this episode,so I'll give it 3/5.