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Episode reviews: The Computer Wore Menace Shoes

All the submitted reviews for The Computer Wore Menace Shoes (CABF02). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.72.

This episode starts well, but quickly goes downhill. Aside from the major plot hole that The Simpsons already have a computer ("A Tale of Two Springfields", "Das Bus"), I did not like many other things in this episode.

Firstly, there were Bart's psychological problems. I think the writers went a bit too far with him apparently taking a swing at a cop with a switchblade, and being "mad all the time." He was way out of character.

Secondly, Homer being gassed and taken to an island somewhere (a parody of a 60's TV show called 'The Prisoner') was a very weird and unrealistic twist to the story. However, the giant bubble, although another recycled joke ("The Joy of Sect") was funny. Thirdly, the ending was appalling. The family all going back to the island and living there did not do anything for me at all.

However, there were some good jokes. The 'Dancing Jesus' and the Springfield Police web sites, and Homer's first attempt at a web site were all good. Also, the Mr X site, which showed Homer's face before the bag covers his face, was funny. Be sure to check out the real Mr X's web page that Fox created for the show at

I think the idea was excellent. In fact the computer thingy with Mr.X as Homer was good aswell but however the island scences were WEIRD! Other than that a good episode.

Although the island thing was strange, I think that this episode with Homer's website and computer made it really worth watching. Maybe the rating would be higher without the island but this was a surprisingly good season 12 episode.

In confused about this episode...

This episode started well but fell apart. The Mr X part was great but when I heard this was going to be a PRISONER based episode I had a lot higher expectations

I realy can't see why many people hate this episode. It was funny all the way trought and here's my review:

Begining is funny. I loved when Homer tries to kill Flanders. His first web page(mouths,bells) and dancing Jesus were hilarious.CBG was funny as always, so as Skinner with his mother.

Second act wasn't better but still great. Homer made many hilarious lines such as "New race discovered living six inches under Denver". News are very funny,especialy "Bagels are old donuts".

Then came the weird island thing - best part of the episode. I realy liked those colors and animals. German Homer is hilarious and I liked Number 6 - he invented a bottomless peanut bad. Ending was extremly funny,with family going back to island.

Best parts: Hans Moleman trapped at Moe's, dancing Jesus and cool look of the island.
Excellent episode and definitely one of my faves. How can anybody hate this episode?