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Episode reviews: Treehouse of Horror XI

All the submitted reviews for Treehouse of Horror XI (BABF21). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.02.

Three stories, one of which was quite bad, really. I have given them each a review and score, then taken the average.

G-G-Ghost D-D-Dad
This was definitely the best story of the three. The very specific horoscope; "Flupid Floropope" after the axe in the head; and the speed at which Homer died after eating the broccoli were funny. I noticed (the fourth time I saw the episode) that St Peter was playing cards after Homer ate the broccoli again. The best line was probably this from Homer: "Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm just trying to get in, I'm not running for Jesus!" 4/5

Scary Tales Can Come True
It's unusual for me to say this about a Simpsons episode, especially a THOH story, but this was really bad! There were two funny bits in this: Lisa's line "Face it, they're not great parents," and the other with Bart mixing the porridge, a noticeable flaw with the Goldilocks fairy tale. Otherwise, this was poor. Shame on the writers! 2/5

Night of the Dolphin
This one was good. However, the parody of 'Free Willy' was another re-used gag (from The Boy Who Knew Too Much), and was very similar. There were quite a few laughs in this story, such as the "inaudible whispers" on the subtitles for the dolphins, the marching dolphins squeaking to the army march, and the leader who could speak. Classic line: "Alcohol and night swimming - it's a winning combination!" - Lenny. 3/5

A solid one.
GG-hho-sssttt Dad: It had me in stiches! 9/10
Scary Tales Can Come True: Not as good as the other 2 segments 6/10
Night of the Dolphin: A soild one 8/10

Good Episode

Send In The Clones
I loved this story, it was definitely the best THOH segment in recent years. The progression of the story was really good, as was the appearance of the early Homer and Peter from Family Guy. The simultaneous stranglings and d'ohs were probably my favorite part, just because it made me roar with laughter! 5/5

The Fright to Creep and Scare Harms
What a let down. After such a great segment comes this, partly recycled, disjointed, unfunny, nonsensical storyline. For me it was too similar to The Monkey's Paw story from THOH II. The story made no sense whatsoever, and had no funny moments. 1/5

The Island of Dr. Hibbert
This was weird, but a funny kind of weird. No particular jokes stand out in my mind, but I just remember laughing at all the different animals, like 'Disco Shrew'. 2/5

It's really difficult to judge this episode overall, because there was such a contrast between the stories. The first segment was by far the best, the last was okay, but the middle one was poor.

seg1; Brilliant one of my fav segments ever 10/10

seg2; Alright but they could of taken it so much further and the beginning jokes all fell flat flat because they rushed the whole scene. The only really funny moment is when Lisas about to be chucked in to the flames and homer comes through the wall 6/10

Seg 3; Again fantastic and I loved the line

Homer; Come on we've wiped out entire species before we can do it again 9/10

(would have been rated 5 overall but the second one wasn't good enough)

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