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Episode reviews: A Tale of Two Springfields

All the submitted reviews for A Tale of Two Springfields (BABF20). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.96.

My original review (which can be found in the opinion section at this site) was a little over-appreciative. After subsequent viewings, I have found this episode to be rather stupid. While the general idea was interesting, silly things like Homer's skin being ripped off by the badger brought down the episode.

And the town meeting scene where Homer tries to blow himself up is horrendous.

A great episode! I had to give it a four out of five because of some stupid bits.

An average episode but I think this one is getting better for each time you watch it.

Good Episode!

After subsequent viewings,I realised this episode had some funy moments but it also had few awfull,terrible moments.

It covers pretty much the whole episode...