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Episode reviews: Homer at the Bat

All the submitted reviews for Homer at the Bat (8F13). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 4.03.

Homer at the Bat has it all: great plot, great intergration of guest stars, and some great moments. Best episode ever.

I loved this episode, the plot was great and i thought Wonder-Bat was a funny addition to the episode. Wonder-Bat also brought out "talent" in Homer and he hit an amazing amount of "homers". I like the how all but one of the ringers had a misfortune and ended up not playing. And the funny part is that the ringer who can still play, plays Homer's position. When the kids are taunting Darryl Strawberry it is good for a laugh because it apparently "rolls right of his back", though he starts to cry. Overall this episode is a classic that i always look forward to watching.