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Episode reviews: The Crepes of Wrath

All the submitted reviews for The Crepes of Wrath (7G13). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.33.

the first three seasons of the simpsons had very powerful storylines and dealt with so many issues it almost seem like you were watching live actors with the exception of 'crepes of wrath' i found this episode poor for the simpsons and the bit where bart starts speaking french out of nowhere is dumb even if is something that can happen in a cartoon. The albanian kid in this episode is annoying and a complete and total goody two shoes (the evil side of him was an average touch!)overall i would recommend not to watch this episode!


makes france look like a funny country (not in a rascist way) but mafes america look a tooooooooo funny

Good ep

Oh how I felt sorry for Bart!Adil pissed me off,and i paid a million to see Bart outsmart the frenchmens with pranks!