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Episode reviews: Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire

All the submitted reviews for Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire (7G08). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.37.

A very nice every one says, a good start to the Simpsons series. The animation is pretty bad and the voices were a bit gruff, but there was real magic there.

Wow, what a start! What a great episode to start The Simpsons!

Awesome ep. It definitley captured the spirit of the newborn Simpson series. I loved the plot, as well as the writing. This was the first Simpson episode I had ever seen. (or is it saw)?

its not too bad a little bit 2 old funny voices
funny animations i give it 5/10

one of the most underrated simpsons episodes event tho it was j the very first episode

The start of something Great...

oo man was this a Classic... man this wuz a pretty good epiode

It was fairly good!!!!

Bad animation and voices, jokes that weren't funny. Well, the animation and voices are because it was the first episode. Score: Just below average.


It was cool

As far as first episodes go, 'Roasting On An Open Fire' was good. The characters that we all know and love today were introduced, and it's interesting to look back and see how the characters have changed over the seasons.

To me, this episode set a high standard. I was impressed.

A good episode to start 'The Simpsons'. Some bad stuff but it's the first episode so animation and voices can be excused. Also Milhouse and Moe having black hair and Barney having blond looked a bit awkward.

cool one of the many classics

it was too short

I thought it was a good episode

Not bad

What a great start! Excellent episode. Interesting plot,hilarious jokes... My favorite moments was the dog racing. I really love this one!

not bad

This is seriously a classic. This is the one episode everyone will see and recognize, the episode where the family of the Simpsons rises from their spot in the Tracy Ulman Show and gets their deal with FOX for a thirty minute show, instead of small clips. A classic where Homer finds a way to save his family from what could have been a depressing christmas, by bringing home the dog that lost the race. Santa's Little Helper. And who can forget how we first find out that Marge hides her "secret stash" of money in her overly long hair, which is all blown off by Bart's beginning of mischief when he gets a tattoo trying to read Mother, but only finishint up until Moth. This is one of the best Simpsons episodes, being the first full thirty minute episode. It is a classic.

This episode was very funny. (i have season 1 on my dvd player) Well actually all episodes (exept a couple) are very funny.
To Make Better:

Bart should have tryed to get a really, really big tatoo.(on his back)

This episode was very funny. It had bad grafics and I didn't like Homers voice but it was a good start 4 the simpson series.

i really like this episode as it was the first 20 min one! i think it was a big leap from the origanal shorts! very crude animation at this point but overall a verygood episode!

i love it but one thing was wrong the simpsons look different

Brilliant. Great start.

the very beginning....