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Episode reviews: Homer's Odyssey

All the submitted reviews for Homer's Odyssey (7G03). All ratings are out of 5. The average rating for this episode is 3.12.

Mmm... This episode was a decline. Smithers having brown skin looked weird as in the next episode he had yellow skin. Another weird thing was that Lou had yellow skin when he normally has black skin. In fact this episode would've been terrible if it hadn't been for some Otto/Bart jokes

Not too shabby

I love this episode. Although the part with Homer trying to kill himself is stupid,the rest was funny. I especially liked trip at the begining.

The first time Homer becomes obsessed with somthing!!!!!!

The truth.I prefer the lazy,stupid,fat and violence Homer then and Normal father Homer.
Therefor this is not an episode I enjoy to watch....

Dude,this episode was GREAT! Homer was actuelly being smart... even though the siticence of Springfield thought he got carried away. I say Homer truley was the cause of the 5/5 this episode is getting!